Top 3 credit agencies. Where to Check Your Credit Report? Now 100% Free‎

The world of finance and credit can usually be a little overwhelming.

With this expert guide, we hope to provide you with a clearer understanding in how you can check your credit report. Here your credit score is fully explained.

We compare trusted companies like Experian to Checkmyfile, we’ll rank the best and the worst using our expertise. We include any offers and deals to save you money.

61% of people where surprised at what affected their credit score negatively

The percentage of people who said they know their current credit score went up from 22% to 26%, while 47% have ever checked their credit report, up from 45% 2017. 

In the UK, there are three main credit reference agencies (CRAs). These agencies are; Experian, Equifax and Callcredit (all the best sellers.)

CRAs compile credit reports based on how well you manage your credit and payments. They retrieve this information through various means such as banks, mortgage lenders and credit and companies.

CRAs can also receive information from debt collectors as well as purchasing public records. Its worth noting that financial institutions use different CRAs, and each one has their own scale in measuring your score, so it’s worth checking all three.

Credit reports are important given the implications they have on your financial future. It’s always important to be aware of how your credit report is performing, and understanding how this affects your finances.

A Comparison tool for UK Credit Agencies
A Comparison tool for UK Credit Agencies

See Your Latest Credit Report
You have a legal right to obtain a full copy of your credit report for £2

All three agencies can offer you access to your file through a statutory credit report. For you to request this, you simply have to go on their website and fill out your details.

CRAs also offer multiple services and packages that cost a fee per month.

These services can provide you with up-to-date changes, potential fraudulent activity and a helpline to settle any disputes on your report.

All three agencies offer a free trial period, which can be cancelled at any time; however, you can pay monthly fees to access their services after the trial has expired.

How Does Your Score Compare?‎ So who should you use?

Our three credit agencies / With Data From 3 UK Agencies‎

  1. Experian: £14.99 a month after your 30-day trial
  • Experian’s service offers a daily credit score and report.
  • They provide you with information on understanding your report and how to improve yours core.
  • They’ll alert you to any changes as well as constantly monitor your report.
  • And they also have a dedicated fraud support.

2. Equifax: £7.95 a month after your 30-day trial

  • They offer unlimited access to your personal credit report and score via their website.
  • Similar to Experian, they also update you wit weekly alerts that are significant to your score.
  • They offer a 24-hour online dispute facility, allow you to correct any errors quickly.

3. Callcredit: Free Monthly Service / £15 a month after a 15 day trial

  • Callcredit offers their own, free service, Noodle. Noodle gives you unlimited online access to your report; however it is only updated monthly.
  • Their paid service allows you to have daily updates on your report and score.

Legally you can spend up to £2. Remember; You do NOT need to pay for a monthly fee to access your credit report. More more information “Credit report: Check your credit score for free – MSE” click here. 

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